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Las Vegas Dispensary Tours

Get on the 420 Bus! Buds 420 tours Las Vegas will take you to the finest 420 establishments in town.

Buds 420 Tours Las Vegas is here to show you around the most 420 friendly places in town. Tour the best dispensaries in Las Vegas with our 3 hour tour. On this tour you will find the kindest buds, delicious edibles and vapes galore. Even if you are a seasoned veteran to the Vegas area we are sure that yo will discover things that you never knew before. Jump on the highest rated dispensary tour in Las Vegas and blaze a new trail!

Get On The Bus!

Our Dispensary Tour Packages Range Form Shuttle Service To A Fully Customizable Private Tour

Dispensary Tour Packages

420 Tour Packages:

  • Shuttle to and from selected dispensaries on the map.
  • 3 hour guided dispensary tours (3 dispensaries)
  • 5 hour dispensary tour (5 dispensaries)
  • Private dispensary tour for up to 10 guests

Buds 420 Tours Las Vegas can provide the ultimate bud hopping experience that Vegas has to offer. Jump on the highest rated weed tour and experience many different pot strains from all over the world.
We are located at:
321 S Casino Center Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Buds 420 Tours Las Vegas Is Now Open!

Welcome To Vegas! Get On The 420 Bus!

Buds 420 Las Vegas offers exclusive tours of the best dispensaries in the city. Hop on one of our tours and find out why we are the highest rated dispensary tours in the city of Las Vegas.

How Buds 420 Tours Work

We have a selection of tour packages ranging from your basic self guided tour, 2 hour tours, wake and bake tours, weed beers and wine tours. All of our tours are of the finest dispensaries in Las Vegas where you can find buds of all types of strains such as Black Beauty, Super Glue, Facewreck Haze and many more. The tours can vary in the kinds of buds found because there are many specialty buds that come and go.

We also run shuttles from most the hotels in Vegas to all of the best marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas.  We run private 420 tours for smaller groups that want the ultimate 420 experience.

What do you need to buy weed in Las Vegas?

The great news is that recreational marijuana is now legal in Nevada so the only thing that you need is to be of legal age which 21 and have a valid drivers license. It’s that simple to buy weed in Vegas.

Buds 420 Tours will make your stay in Las Vegas the greatest experience with a guided tour with great fun loving people. Great for bachelor parties, adult birthday parties or just a break from the regular Vegas activities.


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420 Friendly Things To See In Las Vegas

What are the best 420 sites to see in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas has so many things to see and do even if it’s your 10th trip here there’s always something new and exciting to see. The casinos are always a great attraction and the places on the strip draw big crowds but there’s always stuff that’s off the beaten path that is fun to see. If you looking for 420 friendly places to go in Vegas there are many in the city and we can show you where they are.

Your 420 Club

This place provides a social environment where you can comfortably socialize in use marijuana. This is a great option instead of just going out and going for a walk to smoke weed in Vegas. It’s a private membership club so you may have to sign up and pay a fee to get in but they have packages to choose from and they also have shuttle bus service to and from your hotel.


loopr is a mobile cannabis Lounge and you can look them up with the app-based transportation service.

The Smokeout Club

The Smokeout Gun Club is another social environment where ou can comfortably smoke marijuana. They also have special events throughout the year such as educational seminars, community outreach, and networking opportunities.

420 Friendly Lodging And Hotels

There Are Places all over the city that have 420 friendly lodging the big hotel chains are not going to have this but there are small places like condos and Suites that you can rent out just about the same price as any other upscale room. The travel joint 420 has two places one is a condo in Las Vegas in the other one is a suite in downtown Las Vegas. Where people can list their 420 friendly rooms and hotels for rent but right now there’s not a big guide for this.

And of course, if you haven’t done it already you can always come to us for a Las Vegas dispensary tour we will take you to the top dispensaries in Vegas. These tours range from a short shower ride to local dispensaries, 3 hours with up to 5 of your friends up to a custom-built las Vegas dispensary tour for up to 6 hours.

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Where Is The Best Dispensary In Las Vegas?

Best Dispensaries In Vegas

Trying to find the best dispensaries in town? If you’re from Las Vegas or visiting from out of state or out of the country this guide will help you find what you’re looking for.

Las Vegas Dispensary Map

Below is a map of all of the 4 star and above dispensaries in Las Vegas. You can hire an Uber, take a cab or there are dispensary tours that will take you to the best of the best dispensaries in Vegas. These 420 tours in Las Vegas range from a simple shuttle to a dispensary, a 3 hour tour or a fully customizable bud spectacular.

420 Friendly Tourism Is On The Rise In Vegas

The chart below depicts the rising interest in marijuana dispensary tours in Las Vegas. This is causing a great demand and the tour operators are having a hard time keeping up with this rising demand.

 Find A Tour That Is Right For You

Here are some of the dispensary tour operators in Las Vegas including their customer satisfaction ratings.

Yelp Reviews Of Dispensaries In Las Vegas