420 Friendly Things To See In Las Vegas

420 Friendly Things To See In Las Vegas

420 Friendly Things To See In Las Vegas

What are the best 420 sites to see in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas has so many things to see and do even if it’s your 10th trip here there’s always something new and exciting to see. The casinos are always a great attraction and the places on the strip draw big crowds but there’s always stuff that’s off the beaten path that is fun to see. If you looking for 420 friendly places to go in Vegas there are many in the city and we can show you where they are.

Your 420 Club

This place provides a social environment where you can comfortably socialize in use marijuana. This is a great option instead of just going out and going for a walk to smoke weed in Vegas. It’s a private membership club so you may have to sign up and pay a fee to get in but they have packages to choose from and they also have shuttle bus service to and from your hotel.


loopr is a mobile cannabis Lounge and you can look them up with the app-based transportation service.

The Smokeout Club

The Smokeout Gun Club is another social environment where ou can comfortably smoke marijuana. They also have special events throughout the year such as educational seminars, community outreach, and networking opportunities.

420 Friendly Lodging And Hotels

There Are Places all over the city that have 420 friendly lodging the big hotel chains are not going to have this but there are small places like condos and Suites that you can rent out just about the same price as any other upscale room. The travel joint 420 has two places one is a condo in Las Vegas in the other one is a suite in downtown Las Vegas. Where people can list their 420 friendly rooms and hotels for rent but right now there’s not a big guide for this.

And of course, if you haven’t done it already you can always come to us for a Las Vegas dispensary tour we will take you to the top dispensaries in Vegas. These tours range from a short shower ride to local dispensaries, 3 hours with up to 5 of your friends up to a custom-built las Vegas dispensary tour for up to 6 hours.

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