Buds 420 Tours Las Vegas Is Now Open!

Buds 420 Tours Las Vegas Is Now Open!

Buds 420 Tours Las Vegas Is Now Open!

Welcome To Vegas! Get On The 420 Bus!

Buds 420 Las Vegas offers exclusive tours of the best dispensaries in the city. Hop on one of our tours and find out why we are the highest rated dispensary tours in the city of Las Vegas.

How Buds 420 Tours Work

We have a selection of tour packages ranging from your basic self guided tour, 2 hour tours, wake and bake tours, weed beers and wine tours. All of our tours are of the finest dispensaries in Las Vegas where you can find buds of all types of strains such as Black Beauty, Super Glue, Facewreck Haze and many more. The tours can vary in the kinds of buds found because there are many specialty buds that come and go.

We also run shuttles from most the hotels in Vegas to all of the best marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas.  We run private 420 tours for smaller groups that want the ultimate 420 experience.

What do you need to buy weed in Las Vegas?

The great news is that recreational marijuana is now legal in Nevada so the only thing that you need is to be of legal age which 21 and have a valid drivers license. It’s that simple to buy weed in Vegas.

Buds 420 Tours will make your stay in Las Vegas the greatest experience with a guided tour with great fun loving people. Great for bachelor parties, adult birthday parties or just a break from the regular Vegas activities.


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